water treatment polymers for clean water ​ ~ environmentally responsible water treatment, 100% natural biopolymer system derived from shellfish to remove suspended and dissolved solids with no risk to the environment

Electric actuators ​ ~ heavy duty multiturn and quarterturn electric actuators since 1933, from the legendary SMB and l120 series,  to the modern MX and qx non-intrusive smart actuators ~ made in the usa

Triple offset metal seated butterfly valves ​ ~ 3" to 96" class 150 to 600# class, wafer, lug, gate valve face to face and double block and bleed in a single valve, zero leakage, top entry, manual and control available ~ field repairable

process mixers and agitaors​ ~ top and side entry mixers, portable and fixed mount mixers and agitators. drum, tote, laboratory. customized solutions, static mixers. large and small stainless mixers and mixer stands

Diaphragm Valves and PFA lined ball and chec valves ​ ~ wier style, straight through style lined, unlined and glass, automated & Manual. lined ball and ball checks for all chemical applications. lined basket strainers

Eddy current drives, clutches and vfds ​ ~ for variable speed applications, constant of variable torque loads, eddy current brakes and controls, friction brakes, clutches, water cooled couplings & drives, specialty motors and vfds  

Level transmitter isolation valves​ ~ allows for online calibration of level transmitter ~ zero leak with patented swirl purge clean out, universal mounting for easy installation. The benchmark for transmitter isolation

Valves ~ Instruments ~ Control Systems ~ Rotating Equipment

Rubber lined & high performance butterfly valves ​ ~ patented location locked liner extends valve life ~ wafer and lug style, double flanged up to 160", teflon and metal seated HPBFV, pneumatic and electric actautors ~ large domestic stock

Control valves and cryogenics​ ~ steam conditioning valves, desuperheaters, steam controls, severe and general duty control valves, ul/fm valves, turbine bypass and shutoff, pressure& temperature reducing valves, cryogenic valves

pneumatic actuators​ ~ all stainless steel high performance rack and pinion and scotch yoke actuators, linear actuators, vane actuators and high torque actuators, vane actuators and customized solutions. valve adaptation

custom exotic, standard and non standard valves​ ~ gate, globe, integral flapper check valves, needle valves, specialty valves ~ the standard fort non standard valves for extreme pressure, temperature, or both.

Remington Valve website

Ball, control & specialty valves​ ~ general & severe duty ball valves, control valves, gate globe and check valves, plug valves, Stainless, Carbon Steel, flanged and threaded sanitary ball valves, Firesafe to API 607, V-port & manifold valves

DISC rotor pumps ​ ~ pumps for the most difficult range of applications. unique laminar flow non-impingement pumps cut downtime increasing pump life, simplicity of a centrifugal pump that handles solids like a PD pump ~ except no wear

electronic sensors and monitors​ ~ shaft speed sensors, pulse generators, wired and wireless hazard monitoring. temp sensors, bearing sensors, belt alignment, tachometers, counters and displays, signal conditioners, vibration & motor ctl.

forward engineering Industrial dampers​ ~ All styles sizes and shapes of industrial dampers. Louver, butterfly, round and square guillotine, diverter and poppet dampers. zero leakage guillotine available. high temp specialists

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expansion joints and specialty piping products ​ ~ Metal, rubber, PTFE, PVC, and Fabric High Temp expansion joints, all sizes and shapes, flexible expansion loops, hydropad accumulators, strainers, wall seals and industrial hoses


METAL SEATED, soft seated & cryogenic BALL VALVES ​ ~ Critical Service Valves for severe applications. Class 150-4500# ~ 1/2" -32" High pressure / temp. Carbon steel and exotic alloys, patented inline repairable metal seated design ~ made in the USA

forged and cast steel valves​ ~ gate, globe and check valves, y-pattern globe valves, high pressure pressure seal valves, a105, wcb and c12a, automated packages, feedwater and main steam stop valves 

infrared cameras ~ acoustic pyrometers and pyroptics imaging systems ​ ~  innovative products for process and environmental monitoring to improve efficiency  cleanliness & safety of large scale energy conversion processes

direct steam injection heaters (Dsi) ​ ~ precise temperature control eliminates the inherent instability of externally modulated pick type spargers, inline repairable process and tank heaters, 100% thermally efficient heaters save energy

Pinch valves ​ ~ on-off and control valves up to 60" for abrasives and corrosives ~ Standard face to face retrofits most ball, plug, diaphragm and gate valves. patented tube outlasts all other pinch valves, inline repairable ~ made in the usa 

magnetic adjustable speed drives & energy efficient couplings​ ~ a simple more reliable mechanical alternative to VFds and fluid couplings, misalignment tolerance up to 1/8" eliminates vibration transfer and saves energy for all motors

high performance knife gate valves​ ~ zero leakage bi-directional no cavity design, o-port & junk trap valves, mansafe alternative to line blinds, unequaled ease of maintenance ~ since 1666